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The cart contains the articles you chose when visiting the site and displays the amount the price and all the information you need to purchase. There are several available buttons:    
  • REMOVE Remove the product from the cart
  • WISHLIST Add to your wishlist the trolley product for future purchases
  • UPDATE CART  If the quantity changes are applied, the key recalculates totals
  • EMPTY CART  By pressing this button all the items in the trolley will be removed
  • CONTINUE WITH SHOPPING allows, once checked out the cart to continue with purchases of other products
  • PROCEED TO CHECKOUT Finishes the procedure and moves to pay for the purchased products
  • PAYPAL EXPRESS CHECKOUT consete payment by using pre-loaded data in paypal (avoid registration)
Two forms, the first allows the insertion of a discount voucher that will be calculated and deducted before the payment.
The second form allows you to enter the required data to see exactly which shipping costs will be added to the cart.


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