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Delivery time
The delivery time ranging from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 30 days.
Delivery times for reservation will be communicated at time of order.

Delivery Methods
The contribution of transport is calculated automatically as a function of the actual weight, and total volume (volume pack) products in the cart and the destination chosen by the Consumer who placed the order. The proof of purchase will be sent together with the goods or after the shipment by email.
Upon delivery, the consumer will have to verify the integrity of packages and correspondence with the number of the same with those mentioned on the consignment courier. In case of discrepancies the consumer will have to reject the goods and challenge that difference directly to the Courier. Only if a match to the number of packages and verified the integrity of the packages, the consumer will have to sign the delivery note, as this action involves the unconditional acceptance of the goods. Delivery times can vary from a minimum of two days to a maximum of thirty working days following receipt of the order by the Seller in accordance with art. 6 D.L.vo 185/99.
The seller assumes no liability for disruptions caused by force majeure of any nature or kind and also will not be responsible for damage caused by the carrier on the consignment.
The transport of the package and / or goods are made in Italy and throughout the European Community through the method chosen during the purchase.
Notwithstanding the 'commitment of Seller to enforce the times indicated, in any case, the same will be responsible for any delays. Delivery will be made only on the ground floor, is scheduled for delivery to the upper floors or product installation. Upon delivery, the customer must check: the integrity of the package and that it is not damaged or wet, which is in line with expectations.
1- The difference in the number of packages with those indicated on the letter of the car.
2- The signature document delivery involves the 'unconditional acceptance of the goods by the Buyer.
3- Any disputes must be raised immediately to the carrier; failing that, the product is considered delivered correctly; all documents contained in the package should be stored.
4- The contestation of the package must be made before the courier who made the delivery by calling, if available, a number or any other number made available by the same, or the nearest office. Then send via email to the dispute or by fax at + (39) 0574472002.
Non will accept any objection after 3 days of receiving the goods.